Service: At Our Best, Always

Our customers know the difference world-class service makes. From business analysis to bespoke product configuration services, Helipass is equipped and ready to transform your organization into a market leader.

Flawless Execution

Our journey starts today.  Creating your top-tier logistics organization will take top-tier talent, and we’ve got it.  Our Product and Community Management Teams are behind you, cheering you on and delivering the services that will carry you across the finish line.

  • Training

    Our training team are experts in community engagement.  We can help you identify users and their roles, create a tailored training plan for your digital logistics organization, and create experts within your team who see logistics our way.  As your organization changes and grows, we can provide ongoing training and skills improvement to ensure your competitive edge stays sharp.

  • Business Analysis

    The award-winning Analysis team at Helipass has a unique depth of knowledge and experience at the intersection of business, logistics, and the energy sector.  Our team of masters-level Analysts are a full-service consulting group who can help transform your business at any level.

  • Solution Design

    With our unique vantage point over the market and your business, we will craft a robust and resilient solution in your environment.  We know just how to bring our expertise to your table and help create something uniquely competitive.

  • Integration Services

    We can help you find meaningful metrics that define success in your terms and build a strategy that leverages your new high-visibility digital platform to compete and win.  Knowing how to combine our expertise with yours is key, and it’s something we do better than anyone else.

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