Helipass: A Lifecycle Solution

Helipass is your ticket to smart logistics. Take control of your environment with a full-stack platform that gives you unprecedented visibility into the logistics lifecycle. From planning and execution to business integration and data management, Helipass leads the industry in multi-mode, single-workstream solution design.

Data-Driven Planning

Innovation is one of our core values, and our comfort zone is the leading edge of advanced technology.  With advanced optimization, AI, and machine learning capabilities, we live this value through our product strategy and user-focused design principles.

Our tools allow activity planning on any time horizon, from minutes to years, with full integration across the logistics lifecycle. Whether a trip takes place tomorrow or next year, our Journey Management Fabric ensures all travel requirements are met, and that any changes to the trip or passenger status lead to action and resolution.  Through our contractor portal and passenger mobile app, you’ll share an information space with the entire energy community for fast, up-to-the-minute data-driven decisions.

By understanding demand information well in advance of trip execution, we can be more efficient:  we can minimize out-of-compliance passengers; we can eliminate delays in special cargo handling; we can anticipate issues and be prepared.

helicopter delivering cargo

Flawless Execution

By surfacing critical operational information, we enable operators and other service providers to make real-time decisions and cut out process time.  Transport fueling, passenger briefing, and cargo loading information become hypervisible in your digitized environment, providing process assurance and performance data to help your business perform.

As your plans click into place and your high-performing logistics organization is executing the schedule, our technology keeps your data safe and evergreen while minimizing the uncertainty of human error.

helipass mobile software
  • Cutting-edge Automation

    Our automation technology keeps critical information up-to-date automatically with friendly, intuitive workflows.  Photos, biometric information, identifying documents, and work readiness certifications are captured through our self-service hardware, and important documents (manifests, bills of lading, etc.) are generated automatically at the touch of a button.  Where accuracy is paramount and every minute has a cost, Helipass drives down both risks and expenses, transforming your logistics organization into a data-driven performance powerhouse.

  • Unmatched Visibility

    Whether on PC, mobile device, or our crystal-clear wall-mounted Flight Information Data System (FIDS) displays, Helipass gives real-time visibility into the status of every passenger, bag, and piece of cargo in your logistics environment, enabling deep analysis of logistics performance at any level.  Passengers, service port personnel, and transport crews remain in tight lock-step as mission-critical processes are executed with precision and accountability.

  • At the Ready

    By threading work readiness and other compliance information into our logistics lifecycle, exceptions are surfaced far in advance of travel time to ensure problem-free travel for your workforce.   With automated electronic workflows to manage exceptions and variances, you can keep your environment in motion without missing a beat.

  • By Land, Air, or Sea

    Our depth of experience in aviation operations has yielded a product unparalleled in its ability to coordinate near-term flight operations, and we have translated that ability into a multimode product designed to create efficient, resilient, and safe logistics operations across all modes of transport.  We’re part of this energy community, and by embedding our superior standard of care into motor vessel, fixed-wing, and land-based digital logistics we have raised the bar globally for safety, accountability, and process assurance.

Business Integration

We built our business by finding new ways to capture and use logistics information.  By partnering closely with our customers and learning from each other about the business environment we share, we created our Business Integration product suite.  This suite is designed to link logistics organizations and the enterprises they serve, extending the benefits of assurance, automation, visibility, and optimization further into the value chain.

By warehousing your logistics information and embedding powerful visualization tools into our product, we give you industry-leading insight into end-to-end performance.  Using our cutting-edge calculation technology, we automatically allocate your logistics expenses across your accounting units based on information in your logistics plan, providing transparency to your enterprise and your JVs into cost allocations.  The time savings in this capability are extraordinary, substantive, and tangible.

Welcome to smart logistics.  Let’s talk about your business.

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