Let’s Talk About How We Transform Planning in Global Supply Chains

Work that moves the world starts with great planning. With Helipass, the data that once lived in spreadsheets, e-mail, project plans, and other disparate sources comes alive as real-time, high-fidelity information to help you make decisions at the speed of your business. Find out how we’ve helped some of the world’s largest firms compete–and compete well–by transforming their supply chains into integrated vertical communities.

Activity Planning

Whether you’re starting with a top-down plan or tracking ground-level tasks in one place, Helipass Activity Planning keeps you connected, in real-time, to your entire work community. Contractors, dispatchers, and the rest of your supply chain see your demand in full detail, right now, and start moving to meet it. Plan on any time horizon–hours, weeks, years–and broadcast the people, materials, and logistics requirements of your work to all your upstream partners so everyone moves in lock-step.

Workforce Management

People are your most valuable assets. At the heart of our platform is the detailed, high-fidelity workforce information you need to ensure the identity, compliance, work readiness, and safety of your workforce. Kept securely in next-generation cloud storage powered by Microsoft Azure™, both employees and contracted workers’ information are safely kept at the ready to power all your planning and operations.

Trip Planning

When moving people to the work site and back, safety matters. Keeping people safe means having accurate, up-to-the-minute status on work trips, transports, and passengers. Whether by boat, helicopter, airplane, hovercraft, shuttle, or any other mode of transportation, our unique multi-mode Journey Management Fabric™ is designed to put critical information in the hands of those who need it most and ensure safe ,sustainable, and predictable transport operations.